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God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 1

HELLO, and welcome to a brand new season of Pocket of Prayer! 😀

I am SO glad to present this series to all of you over the next 31 podcasts for your edification, encouragement, and increased awareness of the blessings that come with getting God’s wisdom and couching it, lovingly and earnestly, to your souls.

Part 1 begins in the first chapter of the BOOK OF PROVERBS, and may the Lord ever add His blessing to the prayerful reading and studying of His Mighty Word. AMEN!

Listen to Season “551 – GOD’S BOOK OF WISDOM – Part 1”
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23rd of November

Hallelujah! GOOD MORNING, and welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit!

Let’s start the work week with praise and rejoicing with our Heavenly Father, and remember to keep our bibles close by so we can receive all the life, love, strength, and fortitude God has for us as we open and ingest His LIVING WORD!

Amen. 😀

23rd of November
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Classic Message: One by One

Read the marvelous account in Acts 8:26-40

God Yom Rishon and welcome to a spectacular ENCORE message from Pocket of Teach & Preach!

This week’s word is from Acts 8:26-40, highlighting one of my very favorite accounts ever from the Holy Scriptures – the baptizing of the Ethiopian eunuch. Our Heavenly Father’s heart is so richly attentive to every single one of His creation who believe; it was His delight to see to it that this leader in the house of Queen Candace was officially escorted into the Family of Christ. Hallelujah!

Please turn your bibles to the featured scripture and prepare your hearts to receive this classic encouragement from the Lord.

Listen to Message “038 – One by One”
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22nd of November

GOOD MORNING, everyone! 😀

The weeks are flying by us, by God’s grace… with His mercy, before we know it, we’ll be into the New Year of 2021. The Lord’s keeping power is worthy of our every praise, honor, and glory to Him…

Welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit! 😀 Amen.

22nd of November