Praise (Series Opener)

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Beloved, do you know ALL that praise to God can do for you? When was the last time you devoted time to Him in heart-felt PRAISE?

Well, in Yeshua’s Name, with the start of a new prayer series this week, we’re going to discover His realms of power in PRAISE together! Join me!

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Prayer Roundup – the Double Portion

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As our week of prayer regarding Servitude concludes, I’m asking God to grant us all His blessings of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of what we’ve heard in the DOUBLE PORTION.

God bless your weekend, everybody! 🙂

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A Servant’s Acts

Good Yom Chamishi to you! 🙂

As our prayer series on Servitude concludes, it’s important to focus on the kinds of fruit our acts will generate when our footsteps (the things we do) are ordered by the Lord and not ourselves.

Join Blessed and me for an important time of discussion and intercession on your behalf.

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A Servant’s Mind

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All are welcome to join me and my special guest as our prayer series on Servitude continues!

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A Servant’s Heart

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Serve GOD, serve others…

As it pertains to servitude, what is so special about a servant’s heart? Join me and my special guest for answers to this question as our prayer series begins in earnest. God bless!

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