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Double-Portion Prayer (for the Soul)

GOOD YOM SHISHI to you! It’s Friday already, and that means it’s time for our Double-Portion Prayer! Please join me and my best friend “Blessed” as we review the week’s podcasts and then lift up all of you listeners to the Throne of Grace. HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND, everyone! 🙂

Double-Portion Prayer

All of the blessings of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom of Almighty God have infilled and swirled around this podcast series all week long! Today I’m praying them into all of you in the double portion. Please join me as I praise God for the series, “Prayer for America”, and HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND, y’all! 🙂

Prayer in the Double Portion

GOOD YOM SHISHI to you! 🙂 Join me and my best friend “Blessed” today as we enter into prayer for all of you in the double portion in this hour-long season sealing all we’ve received from God in the past two weeks during our study of Hebrews 12:22-24 titled, Where YOU Belong. HAVE A SAFE AND JOYOUS WEEKEND, everybody!

Double-Portion Prayer

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a fruitful week in Yeshua what with all the heartfelt intercession going on… Please join me today for a double-portion prayer that God will incorporate all His awesome truths to your hearts and souls forever. We’ve reached the mid-point of our 2-week series titled, “Where YOU Belong”, based on Hebrews 12:22-24. May God cause everything you’ve heard to be … Read More Double-Portion Prayer

Not Your Body, But God’s

God’s Word is everlasting, and His Truth endures to all generations. Good Friday to you! 🙂 Today’s podcast offers Godly intercession for you in the double portion, and praises the Lord for His ownership of us in all ways, and in all things. Join me as I pray, and have a GREAT weekend, everyone! 🙂

Only God is Your Judge

Who judges you more? You or others? When it comes to “passing sentence” on our own character, behavior, and even our lives, God wants all of us to know exactly Whose job it actually is. Even as believers, we’re mistaken many times, to our detriment. Join me today for prayer for you in the double portion, and for some critical and encouraging truths shared … Read More Only God is Your Judge

Bless the Lord! Part 20

GOOD MORNING! 🙂 I have SO enjoyed your company on the journey we’ve taken during our Word of the Month series, based on Psalm 103. Tune in for the double-portion blessing and a reading of the entire Psalm to encourage your souls as, today, our series concludes. HAVE A GLORIOUS WEEKEND, ONE AND ALL!

Bless the Lord! Part 15

Aren’t you glad for God’s mercy? I AM! 🙂 How about His Righteousness? Hallelujah! Yes and Amen. Lord willing, today’s podcast season will examine verse 17 of Psalm 103 as our Word of the Month series concludes its 3rd week of prayer and praise. HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND, EVERYONE!

Bless the Lord! Part 10

Good YOM SHISHI to you! Today’s podcast contains some very special truths about God’s forgiveness! Tune in as I pray for you all in the double portion and examine Psalm 103, verse 12, by God’s power as our Word of the Month series continues. HAVE AN AMAZING WEEKEND, everyone! 🙂

Bless the Lord! Part 5

We’re one week gone already in our Word of the Month series highlighting the amazing Psalm 103! I pray your hearts are being edified, fortified, and spiritually nourished by all Abba has to say. Tune in to be prayed for in the double portion, and to hear how God delights in meeting even more than our physical needs, by His power. HAVE A GREAT … Read More Bless the Lord! Part 5

Summary Prayer

GOOD YOM SHISHI to you! Today’s double-portion prayer summarizes all the podcasts God has given us during this “freestyle” week and then imparts His blessings onto/into all of you for a marvelous weekend.

Summary Prayer

Happy Friday, everyone! Blessed and I have had a FUN week; I hope you all have, too! Tune in for prayer over you and your weekend, and a review of all the good things God has provided in the series, Questions and Answers. God bless you. 🙂