Celebrating Humility – Part 3

Hi, everybody! It’s time for another marvelous season of Pocket of Prayer! 😀

We’ve been talking all week about Humility (which is really Honesty) and how we can walk in harmony with God’s will for our lives in the sweetest, most Christ-like ways.

Today’s podcast is no exception, so tune in with me to discover why patience is yet another glorious attribute under the powerful umbrella of Humility (Honesty).

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First Fruits: Their Meaning and Their Purpose – Part 3

Let’s pray…

Prayer means everything to God because it’s how He communicates to us and we to Him. Prayer is able to conquer all obstacles in the life of a child of God and so is our praise and thanksgiving to Him.

What does all that have to do with First Fruits, you may ask? Well… just about EVERYTHING!

This season of Pocket of Prayer has keys regarding First Fruits that will bless and radically change the life of every serious believer. The Lord ever encourage you as you listen! 😀

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Encouraging others is the wind beneath the wings of every true encourager… it’s what makes our boat “go”, what fuels our “engines”, and what truly blesses our hearts in every mission undertaken for the Lord.

On today’s podcast, I’ll be praying for all of you and going even further into just what and why encouragers are motivated daily to use their gift.

Join me for a blessed season of Pocket of Prayer! 😀

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