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Bless the Lord! Part 9

GOOD YOM CHAMISHI TO YOU! 🙂 Who is like the Lord? Absolutely no one! I am looking forward to sharing today’s podcast with all of you. We begin with powerful intercessory prayer against something that runs rampant in today’s society: depression. Tune in to benefit from the warfare and share […]

Who You Will Worship

Choose You This Day… this week’s series Did you know that sometimes we’re “worshiping” a person, place, or thing and we don’t even realize it? God wants to make sure our affections and attentions are where they’re supposed to be at all times. Now, just how do we do that? […]

All Hail, YESHUA!

God has brought The Pocket of Prayer podcast SUCH a long way in its first year. I went from not knowing anything about podcasting to learning how to properly speak into microphones and most recently recording and editing my own audio! It’s an ongoing labor of love. 🙂 Please Enjoy […]

In Sunshine

Child of God, how’s your prayer life when things are going well? Does it lose its fire and fervency when the sun is bright and storm clouds have passed away? As the series, Trust in the Lord continues, I’m praying that we’ll always remember to magnify God for His goodness […]

Make Me Your Main Squeeze

As the prayer series, Where is Your Heart? concludes, the Lord lists three things we need to do to be prepared to complete our course in JOY and TRIUMPH – for these are the last of the Last Days and the end of the Endtimes. In Yeshua’s Mighty Name, may […]