26th of November

Good morning to everyone around the world, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY to all in America!

This is Pocket of Praise in the Spirit, and we are blessing the Lord and receiving His blessing to us and to our Heavenly Father today. Join me in praise and prayer and rejoicing in tongues and their interpretation, in Yeshua’s Mighty Name. AMEN! 😀

26th of November

19th of November

Good morning, listeners! Welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit

It’s a challenge and at times very difficult to love and show love to those who don’t love God or us – isn’t it? But when we persevere, THAT’S when God’s love in us is at its best; that’s the most critical time for it to be shown forth to others in purity, kindness, and gentleness.

Tune in the podcast and enjoy God in prayer and praise in tongues and their interpretation. Discover more of His desire for us to show forth His unfailing and ever-ready love to the lost. Let Him equip you with that same desire, beloved… AMEN.

19th of November

Share God’s Love

Do you believe that, as believers in Yeshua, we each have a responsibility and commissioning before God to share His love?

I do, too.

As our series, titled, YOU ARE YOUR BROTHER’S KEEPER continues, today’s podcast offers heartfelt intercession for you, that you will take the love of God to all mankind in His name, with courage and determination. Amen.

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