God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 12

Good morning, and welcome to another fantastic season of Pocket of Prayer!

In this installment of our study of the Book of Proverbs, God actually tells us who is “stupid” – yes, stupid is the word the NKJV uses.

Tune in the podcast to hear and learn more…

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God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 10

Good morning, all, and welcome to another fabulous season of Pocket of Prayer! 😀

Comparisons, comparisons… how about the one between the righteous/wise and the wicked/unwise? That’s what we have for you on today’s podcast – ironclad scriptural proof that the way of the righteous is by FAR better than that of the wicked. That’s a “no-brainer”, you say? Well, just look around at this time and age, child of God – not everyone got that memo! 😐

Join us for a frank revealing of the everlasting Wisdom of God as our series honoring Proverbs continues.

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Don’t hesitate to ask our God for Wisdom; He’s the only One Who has it, so He’s the only One Who can give it!

1 Tim. 1:17

Verse of the Week

Our Verse of the Week series from 1 Timothy 1:17 has yielded amazing revelatory fruit from the Throne of Almighty God, and I am truly grateful; I pray you are, too!

Tune in today to hear more about the Wisdom of Yahweh and how you also can have this most important of His attributes added to your life.

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