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Weekend Roundup

Join my best friend Blessed and I as we pray and laugh together on today’s podcast, presenting to you the Weekend Roundup and DOUBLE-PORTION prayer based on this week’s Verse of the Week from 1 Timothy 1:17. Everyone have a joy-filled weekend and, again,…


That we walk in excellence is very important to God. It’s an act of worship. Conclusion of WORSHIP WEEK But is excellence flawless perfection, never doing or saying a wrong thing? Hardly. What it truly means to the Father is the most important thing…


Whether you realize it or not, Yeshua is calling you. His greatest desire is that you will LIVE and not die but, for that to happen, you must be saved. Thank you for joining us during Warfare Week 🙂 As Warfare Week concludes on…

Double-Portion Prayer Roundup

As we move on from yet another MARVELOUS series, may you all remember and receive the blessings of this week’s podcasts in the DOUBLE-PORTION! 🙂

Weekend Roundup and Discussion

Good Yom Shishi to you! It’s time for another season of Pocket of Prayer… 🙂 Tune in as “Blessed” and I discuss the week’s podcasts from the heart of God, based on the Verse of the Week from Hebrews 12:14. God bless your weekend!