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Greater Joy

GOOD FRIDAY MORNING TO YOU! 🙂 Serving the Lord is a beautiful thing; so is listening to His encouragements and praying for all of you five days a week on the Pocket of Prayer podcast. Today’s season marks the end of the second week of our series, titled, GO FOR GREATER, and I have been enjoying myself to the utmost; I pray you have, … Read More Greater Joy

DP Prayer (Greater)

GOOD YOM SHISHI to everyone! 🙂 Today my best friend “Blessed” and I are praying the Double-Portion of God’s goodness through this week’s podcasts into all of your lives, in the Name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach! Buckle your seat belts, because there’s TWO MORE WEEKS of this exciting series, titled, yet to come, and I am looking very much forward to you all being … Read More DP Prayer (Greater)

It’s ALL About Souls*

Keep God’s Fire burning brightly, though the world’s become unsightly. Praise His Name from roof to roof, though mankind’s become aloof. Preach the Gospel, fill your roles! For in the end, it’s ALL About Souls. This is the final installment of our ENCORE PRESENTATION of WARFARE WEEK. Have a beautiful weekend, everyone, and God bless you for praying with me! 🙂 *An ENCORE PRESENTATION.

God Will Stay in Your Lane

Welcome to an ENCORE PRESENTATION of Pocket of Teach & Preach! This week’s classic message comes from Philippians 2:12-13, and is personalized by God for everyone wanting to do better at recognizing their place (or “lane”) in God’s plan and allowing His Holy Spirit to maintain them in it.

DP Prayer (Brother’s Keeper)

It’s the 500th season of the Pocket of Prayer podcast! Hallelujah! PRAISE THE NAME OF THE LORD! Amen. I am delighted to pray for all of you today, in the double portion, to receive the goodness in wisdom, understanding, encouragement, and knowledge God has selected for you and showered upon you in this past week’s series, titled, YOU ARE YOUR BROTHER’S KEEPER. Have a … Read More DP Prayer (Brother’s Keeper)

Double-Portion Prayer (Jonah)

GOOD YOM SHISHI to all of you! 🙂 Today we pray the double-portion prayer over you, asking God to implant every precept He has taught us during this week’s series, titled, LET GOD REDEEM THE “JONAH” IN YOU into the hearts and minds and lives of every one of you. What a JOY… Tune in as my best friend “Blessed” takes the co-host seat … Read More Double-Portion Prayer (Jonah)

Abide Forever (Double-Portion Prayer)

HELLO! And welcome to the 2-year anniversary podcast of POCKET OF PRAYER! Today’s season offers prayer in the double-portion as always, and reviews all this week’s podcasts (including verse six of Psalm 1) for your edification. God bless you as you listen, and have a WONDERFUL weekend, everyone! 🙂

Double-Portion Prayer (for the Soul)

GOOD YOM SHISHI to you! It’s Friday already, and that means it’s time for our Double-Portion Prayer! Please join me and my best friend “Blessed” as we review the week’s podcasts and then lift up all of you listeners to the Throne of Grace. HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND, everyone! 🙂

Lord, We Owe You (Weekend Prayer)**

This is the double-portion prayer for the end of our ENCORE WEEKS presentations. It has been a blast! God willing, current podcasts will resume on Monday, August 3, 2020, with Season 481. Have a splendid weekend, all! 🙂 **An Encore Weeks Presentation.

Give Me Double: Weekend Prayer

The first week of ENCORE WEEKS is finished already! Wow! I certainly hope you’ve all enjoyed hearing (spruced up) classic podcasts the Lord selected just for you. The best part is that, next week, they’ll continue… stay tuned! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND, everybody. 🙂

Our Father: Genesis to Revelation

Welcome to another message from Pocket of Teach & Preach! This week’s word is given by my special guest (and best friend) “Blessed”, and comes from Matt. 6:9-13, better known as the Our Father prayer Yeshua teaches His disciples. Such a simple prayer has great depth… 🙂 Please open your bibles, and join Blessed as she shares what Holy Spirit shared with her.

The Armor: Double-Portion Prayer

Good Yom Shishi to everyone! It’s time for our double-portion prayer. We’ve just come off of a two-week series highlighting Ephesians 6:13-18, all about THE ARMOR. It was great! Today’s podcast will review all the installments, and “Blessed” and I will pray for all of you. Have a gorgeous weekend, all!