DP Prayer (Kingdom of God)

Let’s pray…

It’s Shabbat Kodesh and time for the Double-Portion Prayer on the Pocket of Prayer podcast!

I’ve had such a wonderful time in this series this week! Learning about The Kingdom of God has truly been a feast for the soul, and I pray you all were blessed by it. This is a powerful prayer time just for you – please tune in so God can bless you mightily through it. 😀

Have a marvelous rest of your weekend and, God keeping me, I’ll be with you on Monday for another season of Pocket of Prayer. AMEN.

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DP Prayer (PEACE…)

Let’s pray…

Hello, listeners, and WELCOME to the Saturday season of Pocket of Prayer!

Today’s podcast features our Double-Portion prayer for all of you as follow-up to the series we’ve just concluded, titled, “PEACE in the Midst of a Storm”.

My best friend, “Blessed”, is joining me again for this season and, together, we review each program in the just-completed series and express insights from the Lord on each critical key and truth He graciously granted us during the week.

We love you, have a splendid rest of your weekend, in Yeshua’s Name! 😀

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Encore Podcast: Make Me Your Main Squeeze

I Love You, Jesus!

GOOD MORNING, and welcome to the conclusion of our Encore Podcast series, titled, “Where is Your Heart?” on Pocket of Prayer. It’s been a blast, everyone! I pray you’ve really enjoyed it, too! 😀

On today’s presentation, the Lord lists three things we need to do to be prepared to complete our course in JOY and TRIUMPH – for these are the last of the Last Days and the end of the End Times.

Tune in to hear God’s heart and receive prayer over your souls and lives. Have a terrific weekend, all!

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