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Passing Through

The “old folks” at church used to say, this world is not our home… we’re just passing through.

They were SO right!

This calls for prayerful celebration and rejoicing on today’s podcast. Join me as we praise, thank, and worship the Lord.

Have an awesome CHRISTMAS EVE! 😀

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Never Too Late

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GOOD MORNING! Are you feeling like the bloom is off your rose? Not enough time to live for JESUS?

Time IS short, it’s true… so we’d better pray about this together on today’s season of Pocket of Prayer!

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Forgive Yourself

Why should you ever forgive yourself if you’ve done something horribly wrong? After all, you don’t deserve to be forgiven, right? You’ve had this coming!

Seriously? Really?  :\

Let me challenge your opinions on today’s prayerful podcast, for this concerns a matter of life and death…

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Walk in Abundance

When God says He desires His children to walk in abundance, He means it. But I’ll bet you might think He’s only talking about money, huh?

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God bless your life with all manner of abundance!

Not so. Truthfully, finances make up so little of the joyous, abundant, Christian life it’s amazing. Well then, what does God mean when He plans for us to walk in abundance? Great question; let’s find out as I pray for you today on another powerful season of Pocket of Prayer.

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