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As our Verse of the Week podcasts continue based on 1 Timothy 1:17, it’s important to note the invisibility of God as a mysterious truth – but so is His visibility. What in the world am I talking about? Tune in today’s podcast, and…


That we walk in excellence is very important to God. It’s an act of worship. Conclusion of WORSHIP WEEK But is excellence flawless perfection, never doing or saying a wrong thing? Hardly. What it truly means to the Father is the most important thing…


How in the world is integrity an act of worship? As Worship Week continues, hold on tight, listeners – today’s podcast may take you by surprise to places you’ve never been before… at least I pray it will! 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying WORSHIP WEEK!


Beloved, you will never faithfully undergo a time of pruning, testing, and trial that isn’t rewarded by Almighty God with everything He has promised. Why? Because He doeth ALL things well! 🙂

Set Apart from the devil

The best thing we can do as children of God is allow the Lord to separate us from the enemy of our souls.