JOY Will Get You Through – Part 4

Good Yom Chamishi (Day Five) to everyone, and welcome to another eye-opening 😉 season of Pocket of Prayer!

Part 4 of our series, “JOY Will Get You Through” explains how vital it is to see with clarity the destiny God has planned and outlined for our lives.

Tune in to discover how God can maintain you in Hope for the future when you embrace His everlasting JOY. AMEN!

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Wait on the Lord

Welcome, everyone, to another striking 😉 season of Pocket of Prayer!

As our series, “PEACE in the Midst of a Storm” continues, think about the storms you have been in, are in, or that may be awaiting you. Then realize that our God is BIGGER and more POWERFUL than ALL of them combined! Hallelujah!

The Lord our God can and will give you all you need to find and experience His Peace eternally and, especially, in the midst of a storm.

Tune in as His blessing of encouragement awaits you in today’s season. AMEN.

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Encore Podcast: Are You Prepared to Witness in My Name?

Share the Word of the Lord today!

GOOD MORNING, and welcome to another classic season of Pocket of Prayer! 😀

Today’s presentation from the February 2019 series, titled, “Where is Your Heart?” asks a critical question to which we must all find an answer.

Child of God, remember we’re admonished by God’s Word to always be ready to give a defense (a reason) for the hope of the Gospel that is in us, with meekness and reverence. Are you prepared to do so? If not, how do you get prepared?

Tune in this podcast for the answer to those questions and for encouragement, as always, from the heart of the Lord.

Listen to Encore Podcast Season “133 – Are You Prepared to Witness in My Name?”