As Parents

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GOOD YOM CHAMISHI (Day Five) to you! 🙂

In any day and age, what is the absolute BEST way to ensure effective parenting thrives in your marriage?

Why, GOD’S WAY, of course!

Join me on today’s podcast as I intercede for you and conclude this week’s powerful series, Happily Ever-After? Some Marriage Myths Dispelled.

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In Mocking…

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Mocking. We’ve all been there – and many times we’ve just bailed.


In the conclusion of our podcast series titled, Who Is On the Lord’s Side?, God is asking this pertinent question:

When it comes to your faith in and relationship with Yeshua, will you remain on His side in the face of mocking?

Or will you bail?

Listen to Season “312 – In Mocking”

Who You Will Obey


This week’s series

It’s true that obedience is better than sacrifice, but it’s also better than a host of other things! Have you chosen to walk obediently before the Lord?

As our series, Choose You This Day… concludes on the podcast, tune in to pray with me that our hearts and all our beings will forever bow the knee to do the will of Almighty God for our lives.

Listen to Season “307 – Who You Will Obey”