Quietness (Series Opener)

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You’re entering the…


Do you know how to be quiet, not merely outside, but inside?

Don’t answer too quickly, for there’s more to being quiet from God’s perspective than meets the eye.

As this new and challenging prayer series opens, God desires to acquaint us with what makes quietness such a rare and precious gift.

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In Sunshine

Child of God, how’s your prayer life when things are going well?

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Now’s the time to trust & praise!

Does it lose its fire and fervency when the sun is bright and storm clouds have passed away?

As the series, Trust in the Lord continues, I’m praying that we’ll always remember to magnify God for His goodness in sunshine as well as in rain.

Listen to Season “143 – In Sunshine”

Are You READY? (Series Opener)


God has called for another prayer theme to fortify your week in blessing and in being prepared for the days, weeks, and months to come.

Take a journey with me this week to ask questions, answer questions, and establish your hearts in preparation for the return of Mashiach. I’m praying for you… Are you ready?

Listen to Season “135 – Are You Ready? (Series Opener)”

Weekend Prayer

Our theme week, Pray for Our Enemies, concludes today as we ask God for His “double portion” of all we’ve learned to carry us through the weekend (and the rest of our lives). He is SO Faithful…

Stay warm, folks, and HAVE A TERRIFIC WEEKEND! πŸ˜€

Listen to Season “104 – Weekend Prayer”
Ready for the weekend? God’s warmest blessings be upon you!