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Quietness of Mind

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In today’s podcast, God is not focusing so much on our thinking as He is on something even more in need of quietness. As our prayer series continues, tune in to find out exactly what that is!

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Quietness of Heart

Scripture says as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

How does that truth strike you?

Is your heart open to God and His desires, or do you want to lead yourself through life? What are the true thoughts of your heart?

God says there are things you must release and embrace if you are to have quietness of heart.

We’re still “in the zone” as the podcast series, Quietness, continues! 😀 So please join me as I pray for you about all of this and more.

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Through Death

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Let Yeshua comfort you…


It only seems like God is not looking, because the enemy wants you to think He doesn’t care.

But God does see you. God CARES, and Yeshua can heal you, if you’ll put your trust in Him.

As the prayer series, “Trust in the Lord” begins, I’m praying for all who are mourning today. Bring your grieving heart to Yeshua; He understands and will shower you in healing.

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