Where Are You Dwelling? Part 5

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Psalm 91:3

Beloved, the truths and encouragement contained in today’s study and intercession on Psalm 91, verse 3 will amaze you!

Believe me, there is NO ONE ANYWHERE like our God!

Join me as our Word of the Month journey continues in Part 5 of Where Are You Dwelling? It will resound through your weekend and edify your souls. 🙂

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As Parents

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GOOD YOM CHAMISHI (Day Five) to you! 🙂

In any day and age, what is the absolute BEST way to ensure effective parenting thrives in your marriage?

Why, GOD’S WAY, of course!

Join me on today’s podcast as I intercede for you and conclude this week’s powerful series, Happily Ever-After? Some Marriage Myths Dispelled.

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Give Them YESHUA

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Acts 3:1-8

Welcome to Pocket of Teach & Preach! 🙂

Child of God, don’t ever think or believe that – as a Christian – you have nothing to give, nothing to offer humankind.

You have plenty… in truth, you have it all!

Turn your bibles to the Book of Acts, Chapter 3, and come with me to the gate Beautiful for an inspiring, encouraging message from God’s Word.

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