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Teach Others

A new podcast series for the week starts today, one that will challenge your hearts and minds to bloom where you’re planted and Use What You’ve Got in Jesus. Do you ever feel you should control your own growth in God so you can teach others about Him satisfactorily? If […]

Bless the Lord! Part 8

Good morning! 🙂 I am SO grateful for the qualities in God’s character we are reviewing today. Child of God, we need these attributes at work in our lives, every day. As our Word of the Month series based on Psalm 103 continues, we’re looking at two verses – 8 […]

Where Are You Dwelling? Part 10

The deeper the enemy’s dangers and threats, the MIGHTIER and MIGHTIER the Hand of our God! Hallelujah! Child of God, keep dwelling in the secret place of the Most High God; know that He’s got you covered! As our Word of the Month series focuses for the second day on […]