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Growth (Series Opener)

GOOD YOM SHENI to you! πŸ˜€ Do you long for growth in God? Of course you do! Growth is the topic of this week’s prayer series… don’t miss a moment of blessing! Listen to “165 – Growth (Series Opener)” on Spreaker.


Need a “booster shot” of encouragement and strength? πŸ˜€ Today I’m praying for everyone who faces persecution and rejection because of their decision to follow Yeshua. Listen to “153 – Alienation” on Spreaker.

Dragged Away by Men

Do you fear going against “popular” opinion? Are you often influenced by “the crowd” instead of the Lord? As this week’s prayer series, Where Is Your Heart? continues, God wants you to know you CANNOT SURVIVE that way! But how can this state be…

Answer the Call

What’s God asking you to do for Him? Do you know? If you do know, WILL you obey Him? Is God’s call only for “church leadership”, or do we all have something important to do for Him? Great questions. Tune in to today’s podcast…

Weekend Prayer

Our theme week, Pray for Our Enemies, concludes today as we ask God for His “double portion” of all we’ve learned to carry us through the weekend (and the rest of our lives). He is SO Faithful… Stay warm, folks, and HAVE A TERRIFIC…