Are You Ready to be Weeded?

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Can God touch you, or must you be the one to first touch God? Who’s in control of your life and relationships? I’m praying about this on today’s podcast, and I dare you to join me!

Listen to Season “136 – Are You Ready to Be Weeded?”


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Child of God, remember, you’re an EAGLE!

Feeling “pecked” by pesky scavenger birds circling all around you?

Are you about ready to slap the life out of someone at work, at home, at school…?

If so, God’s got your solution, and you need to listen to today’s season of Pocket of Prayer!

Listen to Season “116 – Forbearance”

Check Your Fragrance

Are you walking in the aroma of the Lord in all your words and deeds today?

Is the world, the flesh, and the enemy polluting and blinding you?

I’m seeking God for the gut-level answers to each question on today’s season of Pocket of Prayer.

Listen to Season “042 – Check Your Fragrance”