God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 29

It is the day after Christmas and, all through the Body of Mashiach, His JOY is still flowing like a river! HALLELUJAH! 😀 Welcome to another anointed season of Pocket of Prayer!

Our series, “GOD’S BOOK OF WISDOM” only has two chapters remaining after this one. Please join me as I share three important points of understanding from the heart of God that will bless and edify and help you in the areas of hoping in God and realizing the true nature of sin. God bless.

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God Loves Us All, But He Doesn’t Love Sin

Welcome, everyone, to Pocket of Teach & Preach! 😀

This week we have a vintage message for you which also contains a powerful portion of testimony you don’t want to miss.

It’s necessary for the children of God to be forthright and courageous when it comes to calling unrighteousness by its true name: Sin.

Please open your bibles to the Book of Revelation, chapter 21, and prepare your hearts to hear from the Lord. Amen.

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God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 14

Good YOM REVI’I (Day 3) to everyone, and welcome in the Name of Jesus to another season of Pocket of Prayer!

Today’s walk through Proverbs settles in Chapter 14 and there are two major points which leapt out at me God is urging us to heed (along with all the others). I’m going to share them with you in this special time we have together as the series, “GOD’S BOOK OF WISDOM” resumes. 😀

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