Summary Prayer


Thanks so much for sharing this week’s prayer series, It Is Written, with me. The Lord has truly blessed.

As always, today I’m offering a summary prayer reviewing the series and praying God’s best into all of you regarding it, in the double portion.

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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It Is Written… Part 2

Good Yom Shlishi to you! 🙂

I admit that – for a lot of my lifetime – I haven’t known exactly what today’s verse means. Thanks be to God, I do now.

Join me in Part 2 of our prayer series, It Is Written, for clarity and blessing as we examine Matthew 4, verse 7.

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It Is Written… Part 1

See the source image

A new podcast series awaits us this week! 🙂

“It Is Written” focuses on the anointed answers of Yeshua when He was tempted by the enemy in the wilderness. These answers contain many of the most valuable truths for Christian living.

Join me as we enter Part 1 of the series, highlighting Matthew 4:4.

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