Nowhere to Go

GOOD SHABBAT-KODESH to you, and welcome to the first message of Pocket of Teach & Preach for 2020!

Not every word spoken by Yeshua was understood or received with open arms, even by His disciples. But our lack of understanding never negates or nullifies His truth. Hallelujah! 🙂

Our scripture reference this week comes from John 6:51-69 in the New Living Translation and King James Version.

May God bless you with open hearts and illuminated minds as you hear this word.

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Where Are You Dwelling? Part 13

… is the Lord YOUR habitation?

What does it truly mean for us to make the Lord our “habitation”?

God’s answer will bring tears to your eyes, beloved.

Tune in today’s podcast for more, as our Word of the Month continues, focusing on Psalm 91, verse 9.

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Where Are You Dwelling? Part 10

See the source image

The deeper the enemy’s dangers and threats, the MIGHTIER and MIGHTIER the Hand of our God! Hallelujah!

Child of God, keep dwelling in the secret place of the Most High God; know that He’s got you covered!

As our Word of the Month series focuses for the second day on Psalm 91, verse 6, in today’s podcast you’ll hear more about the Lord’s unfailing love and assurances on your behalf. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

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