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Don’t Do It Yourself

In and of ourselves, we can never fulfill our calling in God. We can’t even “work out” our salvation on our own. But that’s the point, Child of God! We are not to do anything “of ourselves”; instead, Yahweh lovingly admonishes, Don’t Do It…

Give Us This Day

GOOD YOM REVI’I to you! 😀 How would you finish the sentence, “Give us this day…” ? There’s more to our daily bread than meets the eye. Join me on the podcast for a fountain of ideas and a heartfelt prayer for you!

In Mercy Bless Us

Eyes on Yeshua

On this the holiest (most set-apart) week of the year, I pray you will keep your eyes on Yeshua. Listen to “170 – Eyes on Yeshua” on Spreaker.

Growth (Series Opener)

GOOD YOM SHENI to you! 😀 Do you long for growth in God? Of course you do! Growth is the topic of this week’s prayer series… don’t miss a moment of blessing! Listen to “165 – Growth (Series Opener)” on Spreaker.

Quietness of Assurance

Does God the Father love you JUST AS MUCH as He loves Yeshua? Whatever your answer is, are you sure about that? Join me for the podcast to hear answers to these questions as we conclude the prayer series, Quietness. Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!…

Passing Through

The “old folks” at church used to say, this world is not our home… we’re just passing through. They were SO right! This calls for prayerful celebration and rejoicing on today’s podcast. Join me as we praise, thank, and worship the Lord. Have an…