Forgiving, Forgetting – Part 3

Some folks think that – while the concept of forgiving is difficult enough – actually forgetting a hurt or sin is something next to impossible and could be dangerous, right?

Wrong… and thank God it is.

In today’s continuation of our series, Almighty God answers the question, why should I forget? He also sets the stage and lays the groundwork for the MEGA-Truth that forgiving and forgetting is possible; in Yeshua, they really do go hand-in-hand.

Please join me. 🙂

Listen to Season “344 – Forgiving, Forgetting – Part 3”

Where Are You Dwelling? Part 2

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It’s true that Almighty God Himself is our Rest and Covering, but that means MUCH more than you may think.

Join me today to explore the “much more” as our Word of the Month from Psalm 91 continues, with the second part of Where Are You Dwelling?

Listen to Season “321 – Where Are You Dwelling? Part 2”