4th of March

GOOD MORNING, everyone! 🙂

I love it when the Lord talks about you and me as His children staying closely by Him and inheriting all things, don’t you?

Welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit! 😀 Enjoy and magnify the Lord with me and receive with gladness all the words of power and truth that come from His heart and mouth for us today. God bless you!

4th of March

The Kingdom of God – Part 2

Yes, God really knows what He’s doing

Welcome, everybody, to another intriguing season of Pocket of Prayer! 😀

This week’s podcast series takes us into a clear explanation of just what The Kingdom of God is (as opposed to the Kingdom of Heaven which most people think is the Kingdom of God).

Tune in today as we discuss the uniqueness and utter brilliance of the Lord in designating succinctly in scripture the true meaning of The Kingdom of God. AMEN.

Listen to Season “616 – Method, NOT Madness”

Scripture references:

Luke 17: 20-21, Matthew 6:33, Romans 14:17

The Kingdom of God – Part 1

Hello, dear listeners, and welcome to a brand new series and season of Pocket of Prayer! 😀

This week we are going to discuss just what The Kingdom of God means. Now, you might say, that’s Heaven, isn’t it?

Actually, no. :/

Tune in the first part of this exciting and informative series to view God’s Kingdom in ways you may never have before!

Listen to Season “615 – First Things, First”

Scripture references:

Isaiah 66:1, Psalm 11:4, Psalm 33:13-14, Psalm 116:15, Matthew 5