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Mercy to the Lost

Is God angry at the lost? Does He hate them? Listen to the podcast for what may be surprising answers to these questions. God bless you!

Give Us This Day

GOOD YOM REVI’I to you! 😀 How would you finish the sentence, “Give us this day…” ? There’s more to our daily bread than meets the eye. Join me on the podcast for a fountain of ideas and a heartfelt prayer for you!

Stir Up the Spirit

Good Morning! How do we cause God’s Holy Spirit to rise up within us? Tune in to the podcast to find out! 😀

In Mercy Bless Us

Brick by Brick

What does God think of your progress in Him – have you ever wondered? Are you as far along in your walk with Him as you believe you “should be”? I’m praying about this on today’s podcast and, as always, God is revealing remarkable…