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Double-Portion Prayer

TGI YOM SHISHI! 🙂 In our episode roundup, I’m praying for God’s shower of blessings in the double portion to flow upon your lives this weekend, in Yeshua’s Name.

Weekend Roundup (Double Portion)

Good Yom Shishi (day six/Friday) to you! As always, I am praying for God to give you the “double portion” of all the blessings He’s bestowed upon us this week. Have a MARVELOUS weekend! Listen to “184 – Weekend Roundup (Double Portion)” on Spreaker.

Weekend Roundup (Double Portion)

Good YOM SHISHI to you! Everything from correction to encouragements and exposure is prayed for and discussed on the podcast today as I seek God for His weekend, double portion. Have an AWESOME weekend! 😀 Listen to “179 – Weekend Roundup (Double Portion)” on…

Double Portion Weekend Prayer

Happy Friday, beloved! I bet you all could use a DOUBLE PORTION of what we’ve prayed about this week, right? Me, too! Tune in to the podcast; I’m praying His blessing on us all, in Yeshua’s Name. HAVE A JOYOUS WEEKEND! 😀 Listen to…

Prayer Roundup (Double the Double Portion)

As our THIRD consecutive prayer theme concludes today on the podcast, I am asking God for His double portion, times TWO! Pray with me, and have a FABULOUS weekend! 😀 Listen to “144 – Prayer Roundup (Double the Double Portion)” on Spreaker.