3rd of February

GOOD MORNING, all! 😀 Ever think your words and sharing in Jesus’ Name is not worth much? I suppose, at times, we’ve all thought that… but it’s NOT true! HALLELUJAH!

Today’s Pocket of Praise in the Spirit records the Lord’s assurances and reassurances to His beloved children that everything we say and do on His behalf during our sojourn here on earth has immense worth and meaning to Him. Our obedience in what we say and do carries reward, too. So be encouraged; God is watching, listening, keeping records, and storing up rewards for us in His storehouses on High. AMEN.

3rd of February

Trust God Anyway

Welcome to another message from Pocket of Teach & Preach!

This week’s ENCORE PRESENTATION comes from Hebrews 11 and James 2.

We all say we trust God, but what about when the heat of life’s roadway comes to truly test the equipping of our hearts? Will we then continue to trust?

Please open your bibles, and prepare your hearts to be challenged and blessed by the Word of God. Amen.

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Where Are You Dwelling? Part 18

Do you truly love the Lord…?

Today’s podcast focuses on Psalm 91, verse 14. What attributes and habits of God’s children will cause Him to set them “on high” with Him and Yeshua HaMashiach?

Tune in for the answer and to be prayed for and blessed as we begin wrapping up our Word of the Month series, titled, Where Are You Dwelling?

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