Encore Podcast: Dragged Away by Men

Man-pleasing is exhausting!

The second podcast in the classic series, “Where Is Your Heart?” has to do with what scripture calls man-pleasing… that’s being led by the opinions of others and esteeming their ways higher than God’s ways. It’s NO way to live, beloved. :/

Today’s environments and culture will test us regarding whether or not we’ve resolved to follow God and live our lives His way – or be dragged away by mankind and led astray.

Join me for another timely, critical, and introspective Encore season of Pocket of Prayer.

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ENCORE Podcast: “Where is Your Heart?”

GOOD MORNING, everyone! 😀

How much thought have you given to the condition of your heart before Almighty God?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the Lord brought my attention to a wonderful message from February 2019 on Pocket of Prayer, and He wants you to pay close attention to its components.

Today’s season will bless you, give you pause, and entreat you in Christ’s Holy Name for these last days. Meditate on it for your encouragement and edification.

The series is called “WHERE IS YOUR HEART?”, and I’m going to be revisiting at least the first three seasons of it as Encore Presentations for you this week.

Listen to Encore Podcast “130 – Where is Your Heart?”


Is God angry at the lost? Does He hate them? Listen to the podcast for what may be surprising answers to these questions.

God bless you!

Listen to Season “E217 – Mercy to the Lost”

*Originally aired June 19, 2019.