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Double-Portion Prayer

It has been a marvelous week on the podcast, and I truly hope all who listened were edified in Yeshua’s Name. ๐Ÿ™‚ This being Friday (Yom Shishi) means it’s time for our Double-Portion prayer, to which I look particularly forward after every series ends. Please join me as I intercede […]

Sisters and Brothers

Our sisters and brothers as siblings or in the family of Christ are precious gems in God’s Kingdom. Today’s podcast in the ongoing series PRAYER for RELATIONSHIPS lifts up these valuable souls, that they will come into the flower and fruit of living our Lord intends. Join me for heartfelt […]

Fathers and Mothers

What can be said about this most important of bonds in the family under God? That it is priceless, precious, and needs utmost care and nourishing in today’s society. Where would we be and what would we do without faithful fathers and mothers in our past, present, and future? Their […]

Husbands and Wives

GOOD YOM SHENI (Day Two) to everyone! Straight intercession resumes this week with a series titled, PRAYER for RELATIONSHIPS. Today’s podcast lifts up Husbands and Wives to the Lord and intercedes for the family nucleus to be all God intends for it to be in His sight. Join me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Run on, No Matter What

Welcome to Pocket of Teach & Preach! Sometimes it is necessary to lose friends, fond acquaintances, and even loved ones along our journey in Christ. It is at that time the Child of God is brought to a critical crossroads and time of decision. This week’s message is from our […]