Tag: relationships

Forgive ME

It takes God’s Spirit of Humility to ask forgiveness of others. Try it today, in the Name of Yeshua, and know that I’m praying for you!

Are You Ready to be Weeded?

Can God touch you, or must you be the one to first touch God? Who’s in control of your life and relationships? I’m praying about this on today’s podcast, and I dare you to join me!

Brick by Brick

What does God think of your progress in Him – have you ever wondered? Are you as far along in your walk with Him as you believe you “should be”? I’m praying about this on today’s podcast and, as always, God is revealing remarkable…

Pursue the Lord

Does God desire to be romanced, pursued, even stalked by us? If so, why? I’m discussing and praying about these critical questions on today’s podcast. All are welcomed! Listen to “108 – Pursue the Lord” on Spreaker.