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Quietness of Heart

Scripture says as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. How does that truth strike you? Is your heart open to God and His desires, or do you want to lead yourself through life? What are the true thoughts of your heart? God says there are things you […]

Quietness (Series Opener)

GOOD MORNING! 😀 Do you know how to be quiet, not merely outside, but inside? Don’t answer too quickly, for there’s more to being quiet from God’s perspective than meets the eye. As this new and challenging prayer series opens, God desires to acquaint us with what makes quietness such […]

A Defined Life (Weekend Prayer)

Is your life marked by TRUST in God? We’ve prayed all week about marvelous things which define the Christian life, and it has been a joy! Believing God, approaching His Throne boldly, pressing in to obtain our petitions and express our love and, above all – having FAITH. How do […]