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How Do I Rise?

Welcome to another message from Pocket of Teach & Preach! Even in our normal, daily living it is sometimes a bigger challenge than we’d like to simply get out of bed and start our day positively. How does anyone continue to rise to the duty of life when curve balls […]

God Loves You Anyway

I’ll bet sometimes you don’t believe that… but it’s TRUE! You may even ask yourself why He should… we all have asked that at one time or another. Today’s podcast will encourage and strengthen you, beloved because, in it, you’ll hear exactly the truth.

Summary Prayer

Happy Friday, everyone! Blessed and I have had a FUN week; I hope you all have, too! Tune in for prayer over you and your weekend, and a review of all the good things God has provided in the series, Questions and Answers. God bless you. 🙂

Questions and Answers, Part 3

Is your future in God pretty much in your hands or altogether in His? That question may seem like a no-brainer until human hopes and dreams surface in the midst of unique circumstances. As our Questions and Answers series continues with Part 3, Blessed and I discuss the hopes and […]