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What Did God Say?

Good YOM SHENI to you! 🙂 God wants to know if you remember His promises and words to you, for they are life-changing at all times! Please join me for the podcast and a blessing!

I’ll Be There

Do you believe the Lord when He assures you of His Presence with you always? Yeah, it’s one thing to know He exists and He loves us… But is He WITH US always? Does He truly know your name and what’s going on with…

God’s Promises

HALLELUJAH! 😀 Are you thankful for God’s promises? Do you know what they are and whose lives are blessed by them? Today is a splendid day to look into this in prayer; all are welcomed to join me on the podcast as we continue…


Scripture says that the promises of God are “yes and amen”. Are you walking in agreement with that? What are the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart reflecting today? I’m praying about it on today’s podcast. Shalom 🙂