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It doesn’t matter who you are, you need God’s Spirit of Fortitude. But how does God define it, and how do we get it? Also, why is having it important? Is it in us already? How do we find out? As always, we’re getting ALL our answers in prayer. Join […]


Many definitions exist for “peace”, and it reveals itself in myriad forms. However, for the Christian there is a peace without which we cannot successfully live out our lives in God. This peace God will climb any mountain and cross every stream to give to us, and it is enhanced […]

Attitudes of Thanksgiving: JOY!

GOOD MORNING! Is there pep in your step today? If not, GOD wants to put it there, because you are loved and cherished of Him! God keeping me, I’m praying for you ALL WEEK LONG regarding the various things being thankful brings. Tune in to the podcast, and enjoy! Miss […]

A Defined Life (Weekend Prayer)

Is your life marked by TRUST in God? We’ve prayed all week about marvelous things which define the Christian life, and it has been a joy! Believing God, approaching His Throne boldly, pressing in to obtain our petitions and express our love and, above all – having FAITH. How do […]


The Lord is all-powerful, His Word is unshakeable, and there is SALVATION in the Lamb of God! While ALL of these things are true forever, none of them can take effect in YOUR life if you do not believe. DO YOU BELIEVE? Let’s pray about it today…