JOY Will Get You Through – Part 4

Good Yom Chamishi (Day Five) to everyone, and welcome to another eye-opening 😉 season of Pocket of Prayer!

Part 4 of our series, “JOY Will Get You Through” explains how vital it is to see with clarity the destiny God has planned and outlined for our lives.

Tune in to discover how God can maintain you in Hope for the future when you embrace His everlasting JOY. AMEN!

Listen to Season “612 – JOY Clears Our Vision”

Celebrating Humility – Part 4

Welcome to Podcast Season 600 on Pocket of Prayer! HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU, FATHER GOD! All Praise, Glory, and Honor goes to the Almighty God for ALL He’s done at the PMINTL! AMEN!

Please join me with a smile in your heart as our series highlighting Humility continues… 😀

Listen to Season “600 – Honesty Shuns Pride”

To Believe or Not to Believe

GOOD TUESDAY, and welcome to Pocket of Bible Study, everyone! 😀

Do you consider yourself a “believer” in Jesus Christ? If so, how did that happen?

You may see clearly what caused faith’s birth in you, but the scribes and pharisees of old absolutely did not. They were too busy fulfilling their own agendas and lending their hearts to the enemy.

Let’s read more about this and what it meant to that generation and could mean to this one today as our study of the Book of John continues with Part 4 in our series on chapter 12.

Listen to Session “TU024 – To Believe or Not to Believe”