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God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our 31-part series highlighting truths and wisdom from the Book of Proverbs on Pocket of Prayer! We are underway with great success as God’s blessing to us through this series continues.

As we close out the year 2020, each podcast includes a reading of that day’s entire corresponding chapter in Proverbs; basically, by the end of the series, those who’ve listened in will have “read” the whole book which comes with God’s blessing of increased wisdom and understanding as long as you’ve taken it earnestly to heart. HALLELUJAH!

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Cartoon Mentality vs. REALITY – Part 2


It’s time for another season of Pocket of Prayer and, therefore, the second installment in our brand new series, titled, “Cartoon Mentality vs. REALITY”.

The Coyote

Child of God, in what ways do you try to get ahead in life? Is it honestly and forthrightly, above-board at all times… or, is it some other way?

If you’re anything like our Coyote boy here, you probably know just what the Lord is getting at in this inquiry, and He wants to talk about it.

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“ALL THINGS” – Part 2


There’s a lesson in how to abound in all things that I’ll bet few people truly know or understand… but our God knows, and He’s generous enough and willing enough to help us understand. Thank God! 🙂

Join me for the second part of our series, titled, ALL THINGS; it’s based on Paul’s letter to the Philippian church and holds gems of wisdom that will advance all of us in transformation to the image of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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The Father Speaks for Him

Good evening, and welcome to another session of Pocket of Bible Study!

This week is Part 2 of our gentle exegesis of the 8th chapter of John, looking at verses 12-32.

It’s an awesome thing to have someone in authority speak for you but, when that Someone is the Lord God Almighty… well, you take it from there! 🙂

Please open your bibles to tonight’s featured scripture, and prepare your hearts for a blessing from God’s Word. Amen.

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“One Bread” – Part 2

“ONE BREAD” is our series topic, derived from the Apostle Paul’s first Epistle to the Corinthian Church, where he declares:

“For we being many are one bread, one body; for we are all partakers of one Bread.”

1 Cor. 10:17

Child of God, do you believe that the family of God in Mashiach Yeshua are all united in the Blood of Yeshua? Do you carry that realization with you everywhere, and live by it? Tune in today’s podcast, Part 2 of the series, and let’s ask the Lord to make His truths come to life in all of us. Amen. 🙂

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