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“But God…” – Part 7

GOOD MORNING, everyone! 🙂

There’s more to being “drunk” than consuming alcohol in excess. On today’s podcast, I’m praying about what happens when a person loses control of themselves in areas of the soul – your will, emotions, and mind. That’s a very serious matter… indeed, a problem only the Godhead and Their Goodness can solve.

Join me as the second week of our two-week series, titled, “BUT GOD…” begins.

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“But God…” – Part 1

We’re starting a brand new, two-week series today, folks – one that is sure to be of benefit to all of you in candid and loving truth according to God’s word. It’s one of those introspective, nitty-gritty, podcast series that is SO needed in the life of every believer. It’s called, “BUT GOD…”

The scripture texts it comes from are 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and Ephesians 2:1-5. Tell a friend to tune in with you for these next two weeks to be edified, convicted, strengthened, informed, and renewed in the spirit of your mind regarding the Mighty Rescuer God is, and also regarding the need for all of us to let His Truth and Light and Life pour continually into our lives. God bless you as you listen!

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Good Monday to all of you! 🙂

Today we begin a brand new podcast series from a miraculous scriptural account of healing by Messiah Jesus.

What on earth does that title mean, you ask? Well, turn in your bibles to Mark 7:31-35 to find out, as I intercede for us all regarding the mind.

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To the Body of Mashiach and our Jewish friends everywhere, have a solemn and blessed YOM KIPPUR.

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Greater Humility

Good Yom Sheni (Day Two) to all!

Is today’s podcast topic an oxymoron to you? It shouldn’t be.

This is the third week of our marvelous, God-breathed series, titled

and, actually, by humbly giving our hearts and lives to Yeshua, we are going for the highest heights attainable! Be blessed mightily as you listen. 🙂

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