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It Is Written… Part 1

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A new podcast series awaits us this week! 🙂

“It Is Written” focuses on the anointed answers of Yeshua when He was tempted by the enemy in the wilderness. These answers contain many of the most valuable truths for Christian living.

Join me as we enter Part 1 of the series, highlighting Matthew 4:4.

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Forgiving, Forgetting – Part 1


So many times we hear that we need to forgive, and it’s true – we do. We need forgiving hearts and minds throughout our walk with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

But – in my opinion – not nearly enough do we hear clear-cut reasons why we need to forgive. Motivation to forgive, it seems, is always a bit scarce.

In this the first podcast of the new year and decade, the Lord has called for a brand new series addressing an age-old topic: Forgiving, Forgetting.

Part 1 answers why forgiveness is an absolute necessity in the lives of every child of the Most High God.

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Where Are You Dwelling? Part 15

His angels are watching over us…

Good Monday morning to you! 🙂

Join me today for a special time of intercession and thanksgiving to Almighty God for His supernatural protection of us all as our Word of the Month continues, highlighting Psalm 91, verse 11.

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Where Are You Dwelling? Part 11

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The Lord has got you coming and going, child of God! Stick with Him, abide with Him, dwell with Him and …

… well, tune in to today’s podcast for promises and blessings you may not have ever expected – all from His MIGHTY HAND!


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Where Are You Dwelling? Part 6


God is SO many things to all of us – all of them for our certain good. Lord willing, on today’s podcast we’re continuing our journey through the magnificent Psalm 91 in our Word of the Month series titled, Where Are You Dwelling?

Verse 4 is the focus. Join me for this blessing. 🙂

Listen to Season “325 – Where Are You Dwelling? Part 6”