Lovers of Truth

Encouragers LOVE the Truth


This is the first season of Pocket of Prayer for 2021, and it is the beginning of a new series, titled, “A Word to Encouragers”.

Do you love or desire to encourage others? There is a definite place in God’s Kingdom for you! With this series, the Lord emphasizes that – while every person and mission of His is of critical importance in these last of the last days and end of the end times – those who have hearts and minds to encourage play a pivotal, matter-of-life-and-death role in His eternal plan and purpose, because people – NEED – encouragement!

Join me as this week-long series describes some main characteristics of encouragers and expresses God’s heart for their place in ministry as lights in a lost and dying world. AMEN.

Listen to Season “585 – Lovers of Truth”

God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 30

GOOD YOM SHENI (Day 2) to all of you, and welcome to another beautiful season of Pocket of Prayer!

Today, my best friend “Blessed” and I are bringing you what God has placed on our hearts regarding the 30th chapter of His amazing Book of Proverbs for your edification and strengthening in Jesus’ Name. Tune in for a marvelous time of insight and truth from “GOD’S BOOK OF WISDOM” as we inch closer to the conclusion of the entire series and the end of the Gregorian year 2020.

Listen to Season “581 – God’s Book of Wisdom – Chapter 30”

God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 24

Good Monday morning to everyone, and welcome to another joyful season of Pocket of Prayer!

As we begin the descent to the end of our 31-part series and the Gregorian year 2020, I am pleased to present to you chapter 24 of our study in “GOD’S BOOK OF WISDOM”. Take each word of God’s wisdom to heart, and be blessed! 😀

Listen to Season “575 – God’s Book of Wisdom – Part 24”