Tag: Messiah

Christian, You WON’T Fit

You’re a Christian yet you keep trying to “be accepted” by unsaved friends and even loved ones – but you just aren’t accepted by them, right? There’s a reason for it, and I’m praying for you about it today. Join me!

Life is Worth Living in Christ

A disturbing, deceptive trend is sweeping the earth. I’m praying against it on today’s podcast. Tune in to join me!

Out for Delivery

GOOD YOM SHENI to you! 😀 What do prayers and packages have in common? Tune in today’s podcast to find out!

God willing…

Good Yom Revi’i to you! 😀 Are you certain your plans for the day are God’s plans for you? Why should that matter? Let’s pray about it on today’s podcast. Listen to “097 – God willing…” on Spreaker.