26th of February

Welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit! 😎

God’s future is bright for all of us who are in Christ Jesus and, today (among many other wonderful things), He tells us of His watchful, loving Spirit always with us, in us, and upon us. May this podcast strengthen and encourage you, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. ENJOY!

26th of February

Encore Podcast: Make Me Your Main Squeeze

I Love You, Jesus!

GOOD MORNING, and welcome to the conclusion of our Encore Podcast series, titled, “Where is Your Heart?” on Pocket of Prayer. It’s been a blast, everyone! I pray you’ve really enjoyed it, too! 😀

On today’s presentation, the Lord lists three things we need to do to be prepared to complete our course in JOY and TRIUMPH – for these are the last of the Last Days and the end of the End Times.

Tune in to hear God’s heart and receive prayer over your souls and lives. Have a terrific weekend, all!

Listen to Encore Podcast Season “134 – Make Me Your Main Squeeze”

7th of February

REJOICE! Receive from the Lord and REJOICE all you heavens, receive from the Lord and REJOICE all you who dwell upon the earth! For this indeed is His day (and so is every other day), and He delights in the praises of His people!

Welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit! 😀

7th of February