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Double-Portion Prayer Roundup

We have had SUCH a positive week of intercessory prayer for the marriage bond in every way put forth by Almighty God, it’s sad to see it end! But the BRIGHT spot in all of it is the double-portion prayer I’m lifting to the Lord for all of you today, […]

As Parents

GOOD YOM CHAMISHI (Day Five) to you! 🙂 In any day and age, what is the absolute BEST way to ensure effective parenting thrives in your marriage? Why, GOD’S WAY, of course! Join me on today’s podcast as I intercede for you and conclude this week’s powerful series, Happily Ever-After? […]

The Wife’s Role

GOOD YOM REVI’I TO YOU! 🙂 So what does God expect of wives in marriage? Plenty. Tune in today to pray with me and find out more! REMEMBER OUR SERIES TOPIC: Happily Ever-After? Some Marriage Myths Dispelled