Can You Handle the Truth?

GOOD TUESDAY EVENING, and welcome to another session of Pocket of Bible Study!

Tonight’s gentle exegesis of the Book of John carries a challenging question which is reflected in the podcast title. Remembering that Jesus the Christ IS Truth… can you handle what He has to say to your life? Not everyone can, you know.

Please turn your bibles to John 6:59-71, and let’s get this exciting session started!

Listen to Session “TU011 – Can You Handle the Truth?”

Nowhere to Go

GOOD SHABBAT-KODESH to you, and welcome to the first message of Pocket of Teach & Preach for 2020!

Not every word spoken by Yeshua was understood or received with open arms, even by His disciples. But our lack of understanding never negates or nullifies His truth. Hallelujah! 🙂

Our scripture reference this week comes from John 6:51-69 in the New Living Translation and King James Version.

May God bless you with open hearts and illuminated minds as you hear this word.

Listen to Message “047 – Nowhere to Go”