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The Lover of My Soul

Is it possible for all of us to have ALL of God, all at once? Tune in today for a marvelous prayer, and God Bless You.

Remember How Blessed You Are

GOOD MORNING! 😀 There’s ALWAYS something for which to thank God. Honestly now – have you been blessed or haven’t you? Do you remember? Let’s pray about it on today’s podcast. Listen to “181 – Remember How Blessed You Are” on Spreaker.

(Bloodflow) Leaves a Mark

Listen to “162 – (Bloodflow) Leaves a Mark” on Spreaker.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! On today’s brief podcast, I’m thanking God for one of His GREATEST gifts… the Nation of Israel. Join me as we praise His Name in prayer for that which enabled Gentiles like me to be “grafted into the Vine”. God Bless You!…