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Questions and Answers, Part 2

GOOD YOM SHLISHI to you! 🙂 The Lord will allow varied catalysts into the lives of His children to ignite their desire to grow in relationship with Him. Tune in today as Blessed shares what single event in her life catapulted her hunger and thirst for intimate relationship with Yeshua […]

Questions and Answers, Part 1

Good morning, everyone! This week the Lord is taking a unique approach to the podcast seasons – one you’re bound to enjoy. Tune in all week as my best friend Blessed and I exchange questions and answers regarding life with the Lord that we pray will bless your walk with […]

Prayer Roundup/Discussion

On today’s podcast, Blessed and I discuss the week’s prayers in the wake of several tragedies unfolding even now in the USA. Join us as we ask God’s blessings over all of us in the double portion, so we can continue living out these last of the last days and […]

And speaking of Miss Obed…

It’s time for our special New Year’s Eve presentation of:    POCKET OF SHARE Join me and my stepdaughter “Blessed” for a joyful time of laughter and praising the Lord as we share lively discussion about the Pocket ministries and some of the life and times of yours truly! Sit […]