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Only God is Your Judge

Who judges you more? You or others? When it comes to “passing sentence” on our own character, behavior, and even our lives, God wants all of us to know exactly Whose job it actually is. Even as believers, we’re mistaken many times, to our detriment. Join me today for prayer […]


How many of us can honestly say we have courage? It’s a Godly trait, you know. Tune in today’s podcast where I’m praying we all come to know, utilize, and thank God for His courage, daily.

Intimacy and Thanksgiving

Welcome to POCKET of TEACH & PREACH! Every season calls for Intimacy and Thanksgiving with Almighty God. This week’s message from Psalm 100:4 will touch your heart with PLENTY of reasons to grow closer to God and render your thanks to Him for every day of life. God Bless… and […]

Weekend Roundup

Join my best friend Blessed and I as we pray and laugh together on today’s podcast, presenting to you the Weekend Roundup and DOUBLE-PORTION prayer based on this week’s Verse of the Week from 1 Timothy 1:17. Everyone have a joy-filled weekend and, again, Chag Sameach! We wish you a […]