27th of February


God’s heart goes out to His beloved, for He is for us, not against us; may we always remember that.

Welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit, the podcast that shares what God has on His heart for His people near and far. We humbly thank Him for every word to us as we praise Him in the Spirit and in our understanding, in Yeshua’s Name.

27th of February

Encore Podcast: Make Me Your Main Squeeze

I Love You, Jesus!

GOOD MORNING, and welcome to the conclusion of our Encore Podcast series, titled, “Where is Your Heart?” on Pocket of Prayer. It’s been a blast, everyone! I pray you’ve really enjoyed it, too! 😀

On today’s presentation, the Lord lists three things we need to do to be prepared to complete our course in JOY and TRIUMPH – for these are the last of the Last Days and the end of the End Times.

Tune in to hear God’s heart and receive prayer over your souls and lives. Have a terrific weekend, all!

Listen to Encore Podcast Season “134 – Make Me Your Main Squeeze”

Encore Podcast: Forgiveness: Paramount to Advancement

Welcome to another very important Encore podcast from Pocket of Prayer. This series is a wonderful prelude to Valentine’s Day, for it asks the timely question, “Where is Your Heart?”

Unforgiveness is a self-imposed prison

Child of God, you won’t get anywhere in your Christian walk without employing forgiveness and operating in it forever… that’s just the way it is.

Use the monumental key of forgiveness to release yourself and others from the prison of bitterness and unforgiveness… you’ll be glad you did! 😀

This classic season discusses the folly of unforgiveness and the beauty (and urgency) of obeying the Lord in opening your heart to His desires for all of His children to live unencumbered, forgiving lives.

Listen to Encore Podcast “132 – Forgiveness: Paramount to Advancement”