DP Prayer (JOY)

This week has FLOWN by, listeners! It’s time for the double-portion prayer on the Pocket of Prayer podcast! Welcome. 😀

The series, “JOY Will Get You Through” ends officially with this prayer podcast, and I sincerely pray ALL of you were plentifully blessed by it.

My best friend joins me behind the microphone today, so don’t miss a moment of this fun time. Have an awesome rest of your weekend, all!

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27th of February


God’s heart goes out to His beloved, for He is for us, not against us; may we always remember that.

Welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit, the podcast that shares what God has on His heart for His people near and far. We humbly thank Him for every word to us as we praise Him in the Spirit and in our understanding, in Yeshua’s Name.

27th of February

JOY Will Get You Through – Part 5

GOOD MORNING! Welcome to another anointed season of Pocket of Prayer!

Today’s podcast is the last installment of our series, “JOY Will Get You Through (What Worked for Jesus Will Work for You)” before the Double-Portion Prayer podcast tomorrow. I pray all of you have relished the opportunity as much as I have to receive from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit critical truths about the master key of JOY and its powerful application to every challenge and trial of our lives.

What God has to share today will also enlighten, comfort, advise, and strengthen you regarding the never-failing weaponry of JOY. The Lord bless you as you listen.

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