1st of March

GOOD MORNING, and welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit.

Have you ever struggled with finding out the will of God for your life? Along with dedicated reading of His Holy Word to do so, you can approach His Throne in confidence and ask Him to reveal it to you! Do Not Be Afraid – He won’t rebuke you, child of God – He’ll answer you. 😀

That’s just some of what God is telling us on today’s podcast. Set your mind and heart to receive His everlasting love, tune in the podcast, and let God bless your soul. AMEN.

Have a WONDERFUL day! 😀

1st of March

26th of February

Welcome to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit! 😎

God’s future is bright for all of us who are in Christ Jesus and, today (among many other wonderful things), He tells us of His watchful, loving Spirit always with us, in us, and upon us. May this podcast strengthen and encourage you, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. ENJOY!

26th of February

JOY Will Get You Through – Part 4

Good Yom Chamishi (Day Five) to everyone, and welcome to another eye-opening 😉 season of Pocket of Prayer!

Part 4 of our series, “JOY Will Get You Through” explains how vital it is to see with clarity the destiny God has planned and outlined for our lives.

Tune in to discover how God can maintain you in Hope for the future when you embrace His everlasting JOY. AMEN!

Listen to Season “612 – JOY Clears Our Vision”