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Husbands and Wives

GOOD YOM SHENI (Day Two) to everyone! Straight intercession resumes this week with a series titled, PRAYER for RELATIONSHIPS. Today’s podcast lifts up Husbands and Wives to the Lord and intercedes for the family nucleus to be all God intends for it to be in His sight. Join me! 🙂

Unveil Our Eyes

Good Yom Shlishi (Day Three) to all of you, and thanks for stopping by to hear today’s podcast! 🙂 Receiving all the blessings Abba has for us depends heavily on our having righteous “eyes to see” what God is doing in our lives. As our series, titled, CHRISTIAN CONDUCT, continues amid heartfelt intercession, Holy Spirit gives us more priceless prayer points regarding turning our … Read More Unveil Our Eyes

Put a Guard Over Our Mouths

HELLO and good Yom Sheni to all! 🙂 A new podcast series begins this week regarding our Christian Conduct. We followers of Yeshua, young and old, all need Holy Spirit’s power and fruits to behave ourselves wisely in God’s sight. Want to grow by leaps and bounds, pleasing God? The prayers of faith we’ll be offering to Yahweh this week will benefit you greatly! … Read More Put a Guard Over Our Mouths

Double-Portion Prayer

It’s been a GREAT series, and now comes one of the most important parts… praying for all of you in the double portion! Hallelujah! Thank you so much for journeying with me and learning right along with me how God remembers all of His children in every circumstance and level of life. He alone is Faithful and Worthy of ALL Praise! Have a truly … Read More Double-Portion Prayer

Pray Unceasingly

How often do you pray to the Lord? Do you know what prayer truly is? I bet it’s not what you think… Is it even possible to do as the Apostle Paul said and “pray without ceasing”? Tune in today’s podcast as our week-long series, Use What You’ve Got! nears its close with powerful testimony and intercession that explains truths and answers important questions … Read More Pray Unceasingly

Saved by Hope

Hope and our salvation are entwined – did you know that? Today’s podcast comes from Romans 8:24, and will be read in the Kings James Version and the New Living Translation. Please join me today as I conclude the 2nd week of our HOPE Series in the Name of the Lord, by encouraging you and praying that you be completely edified by the awesome … Read More Saved by Hope

Hope in God Alone

There’s only one place to set your hope, child of God… join me for the continuation of our HOPE Series, as we pray and discuss it on today’s podcast which centers around Psalms 39:(6 and) 7. God bless you! 🙂

Upheld in Hope

We need to lean heavily on someone throughout our lives, don’t we? So, just who is that someone? Or, with us, is it often a someTHING? It shouldn’t be. As our HOPE Series continues, tune in to hear what God thinks about the entire situation. There’s an answer, y’all; there IS a refuge for us in turbulent storms. So many times, though, the biggest … Read More Upheld in Hope

Renewed in Hope

GOOD YOM SHENI to all! 🙂 Today’s podcast is inspired by Isaiah 40:31. God renews His children and also His creation in so many ways because He loves us. Take heart as you tune in today; His mercy endures forever, and His renewed strength and Hope are promised to all those who “wait” on Him. As our HOPE Series continues, you’ll find out exactly … Read More Renewed in Hope

How Do I Rise?

Welcome to another message from Pocket of Teach & Preach! Even in our normal, daily living it is sometimes a bigger challenge than we’d like to simply get out of bed and start our day positively. How does anyone continue to rise to the duty of life when curve balls abound? Today’s word from our message library will help answer that question. This ENCORE … Read More How Do I Rise?


A new series begins this week, highlighting HOPE. Whether the world recognizes it or not, child of God, the Lord is bringing us out of the current challenge that has befallen the earth, and we have many renewed reasons to rejoice! By God’s power, for the next three weeks we will visit scriptures out of God’s Holy Word that focus on HOPE. The world … Read More Rejoice!

Run on, No Matter What

Welcome to Pocket of Teach & Preach! Sometimes it is necessary to lose friends, fond acquaintances, and even loved ones along our journey in Christ. It is at that time the Child of God is brought to a critical crossroads and time of decision. This week’s message is from our early message library. The scripture for this ENCORE PRESENTATION comes from Philippians 3:13-14; please … Read More Run on, No Matter What