Don’t Live Life on the Edge (Series Opener)

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Are you close to the edge?

Good Yom Sheni to you! With a new work week comes another magnificent prayer series. Our God is SO good and kind to us.

This series comes as admonition from the Lord, and I thank Him sincerely for the opportunity to look “inwardly” and open our hearts to whatever changes are necessary to enhance our walk with Him. Join me!

Listen to Season “240 – Don’t Live Life on the Edge”

Give Yourself to Fasting

Fast and Pray GOD’s Way!

Although “the flesh” doesn’t want to hear it, prayer and FASTING is one of the best things Christians can do to get closer to, more focused upon, and stronger in God. Please tune in for this empowering prayer for you!

Listen to Season “212 – Give Yourself to Fasting (Louder Version)”