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Quietness of Separation

Have the things of this world got a hold on you, or do you live your life for Yeshua? What is the true meaning of Holiness?

If you are saved, are you glad to be? What have you learned in your walk with God? What value does your salvation hold besides escaping hell’s fire?

God wants you to come to a place of quietness in your relationship with Him that is of more worth to you than you ever thought possible.

Today, I’m praying about this.

Listen to Season “148 – Quietness of Separation”

Are You Prepared to Witness in My Name?

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Does the idea of “witnessing” to others intimidate you? It need not. We’re admonished by God’s Word to always be ready to give a defense (a reason) for the hope of the Gospel that is in us, with meekness and reverence. Are you prepared to do so? If not, how do you get prepared?

As the series, Where Is Your Heart? continues, I’m praying for you today regarding all this. Join me! ๐Ÿ˜€

Listen to Season “133 – Are You Prepared to Witness in My Name?”