Where Are You Dwelling? Part 14


Good Yom Chamishi to you!

This rewarding, assuring, straightforward verse 10 of Psalm 91 is our focus of intercession on the podcast today as the Word of the Month series continues.

God bless you. 🙂

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Where Are You Dwelling? Part 4

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Who is God to you? Who is your refuge and fortress; who do you trust?

As our Word of the Month from Psalm 91 continues, we’re looking further into verse 2 and letting the Father answer all of these questions through His precious Holy Spirit on another season of Pocket of Prayer.

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How in the world is integrity an act of worship?

As Worship Week continues, hold on tight, listeners – today’s podcast may take you by surprise to places you’ve never been before… at least I pray it will! 🙂

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Hope you’re enjoying