First Fruits: Their Meaning and Their Purpose – Part 2

Jesus said, “I Am the Vine, you are the branches…”

Good morning, and WELCOME to another fruitful season of Pocket of Prayer!

Our series, titled, “First Fruits: Their Meaning and Their Purpose” continues today with further insight into why First Fruits differs from the tithe. Empowered by John 15:5, it’s a heartfelt season you don’t want to miss. God bless you. 😀

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26th of January

The Lord is GREAT and greatly to be praised! WELCOME to Pocket of Praise in the Spirit!

This is the podcast where we pray and praise the Lord in our Heavenly Language and in our understanding by Holy Spirit’s power.

God has encouragement regarding His saving power for us today; magnify His Mighty Name, and put ALL of your trust and hope in Him! AMEN. 😀

26th of January


GOOD Shabbat Kodesh to all, and welcome to Pocket of Prayer! 😀

Realism is extremely important in the life of every believer; the last thing any of us wants is someone who only “blows smoke” instead of being honest with us always. So goes the tone of this final installment in our first podcast series of the year, titled, “A Word to Encouragers”.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone; Lord willing, we’ll “see” you again on Monday! 😀

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