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Give Me Double: Weekend Prayer

The first week of ENCORE WEEKS is finished already! Wow!

I certainly hope you’ve all enjoyed hearing (spruced up) classic podcasts the Lord selected just for you. The best part is that, next week, they’ll continue… stay tuned!


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I Love You Unconditionally**

This classic podcast originally aired on Valentine’s Day 2019, but its message is eternal and meant to warm your hearts every day. 🙂

Tune in and enjoy, as ENCORE WEEKS continues marvelously on Pocket of Prayer…

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**An Encore Weeks Presentation.

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Whiter Than Snow**

Good morning, all! I pray you’re enjoying ENCORE WEEKS on Pocket of Prayer. Here at The Pocket Ministries International, our greatest goal is to please the Lord with podcasts worthy of His desire to minister to you daily, weekly, and twice weekly. 🙂

Today’s classic podcast offers God’s reassurance that – once you’ve been washed clean by His forgiveness and salvation – you are whiter than snow! God bless you.

**An Encore Weeks Presentation

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I Am With You**

GOOD YOM SHLISHI (Day Three) to you!

As you know, it’s ENCORE WEEKS on Pocket of Prayer and, during this time, we are delighted to bring you classic podcasts the Lord selected just for you, especially in these last of the last days and end of the end times.

We all need daily assurance that God is with us. I’m praying you receive confidence of this truth from God’s heart and carry it with you always, in Yeshua’s Mighty Name.

**An Encore Weeks Presentation

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The Golden Rule**

GOOD YOM SHENI to you! 😀

Think about it, carefully: Has there ever been any single directive that – steadfastly obeyed – could change the world for good, forever?

YES, there has.

I’m praying about it on today’s podcast!

**An Encore Weeks presentation.

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