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The Emotions

GOOD YOM CHAMISHI to everyone! This is the last installment of our series, PRAYER FOR THE SOUL. It’s gone so quickly! 🙂 Are you at times challenged in your emotions? All of us are. In today’s podcast, I’m praying for all of you concerning these challenges and sharing the hope Holy Spirit offers regarding overcoming them. If Yeshua overcame, child of God – so. … Read More The Emotions

The Mind

GOOD MORNING! 🙂 Today’s podcast starts our deep-dive into intercession for our souls so Holy Spirit can further accomplish the transformation of every one of us into the image of God’s Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. Hallelujah! The scripture inspiring this series, titled, PRAYER FOR THE SOUL, comes from Romans 12:1-2. God bless you as you tune in to receive heartfelt … Read More The Mind

Yield, Submit, Present

WELCOME to a new season of Pocket of Prayer! Today begins a week-long series, entitled, PRAYER FOR THE SOUL. The series is inspired by Romans 12:1-2 and will be filled with powerful intercession, as always, for the well-being of your mind, will, and emotions. But first, as our featured scripture commands, we must yield, submit, and “… present our bodies a living sacrifice…” to … Read More Yield, Submit, Present

What Won’t You Tell God, and Where Can’t He Go?

Be honest, folks… we’ve all either got emotional topics and places we will not share with God, or we certainly used to. Today on the podcast, I’m going to talk, share testimony, and pray (and pray and pray) about it. Please join me.

Praise to Heal and Uplift

Do you need healing in your body? In your emotions? In your mind? Then go to God in PRAISE! Seriously, folks, it’s a God-given remedy that too many children of God ignore. On today’s podcast I’m praying for you about this miraculous, joyous recourse of blessing from the Lord. Join me! 🙂


Are you the cause of your own rejection? Today I’m praying for you about what you can do when a spirit of rejection is in your life. Join me!

Give Us This Day

GOOD YOM REVI’I to you! 😀 How would you finish the sentence, “Give us this day…” ? There’s more to our daily bread than meets the eye. Join me on the podcast for a fountain of ideas and a heartfelt prayer for you!

When You Pray

Are you emotionally present when you pray? Whom are you addressing when you pray? Do you believe you’ll be heard when you pray? What IS prayer? Does it matter? If so, why? Join me today as we pray about all these things and get you some answers!

Break the Cycle of Death in Your Life

GOOD MORNING! Right here and now, death in your heart, mind, and emotions can be swallowed up in VICTORY! Let God prove it to you on today’s podcast of Pocket of Prayer. God Bless You! 😀